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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to remove all my clothes?
No. You can undress to what ever level you are comfortable with. That being said, lotion will be used and despite careful application, lotion can get on clothes that are remaining.

Will I be covered up?
Absolutely. Think of the massage table as a made bed with a fitted and flat sheet. The flat sheet is used to drape/cover and undrape/uncover only the body part being massaged.

I am extremely ticklish on my feet. Can I avoid that area as it takes away from the relaxation experience?
No problem. If there are areas you are uncomfortable having massaged, always mention that to your massage therapist. Every massage should be tailored to your specifications and can even change from session to session. Communication is key.

How an when do I pay?
Just For You Massage does NOT accept credit or debit cards in an effort to keep costs down. We do accept cash or check. Any checks returned will be expected to be rectified including any fees incurred by JFYM. You can take care of payment before or after your session. It is a personal preference.


How do I set up an appointment?
1) Use online scheduling www.justforyoumassage.fullslate.com
2) Email justforyoumassage@gmail.com requesting a day and time and the duration of massage session
3) Simply call 443-834-0377. Please leave a message, if no one answers and your call will be returned ASAP.

I have never had a massage before, how do I know what kind of pressure to ask for?
During the initial visit, that and other similar information will be discussed. Generally, a medium to firm pressure will be used and can be adjusted from there based on your needs and comfort level. Again, communication is key. Massage is a team effort between the client and massage therapist, so feel free to speak up and be vocal about what you prefer.

How often should I get massage?
Frequency of massage is truly a personal choice based on many factors including client goals and client muscle condition. Generally speaking, the rule of thumb for muscle maintenance is every 4-6 weeks.

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